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What's In The Box? - Ricoh Theta S 360º Camera

2017 is still ALL ABOUT VIDEO! More than ever... with a push towards more Live Streams on Facebook, You Tube, and beyond... or should we say "Life Streams"...

It's about Being Different! Being Untouchable! and Being Memorable!

How are you going to stand out and be different in your content online this year?

Have you tried capturing content in 360º? The Ricoh Theta S 360º is a super affordable option, and makes your content interactive with your viewers. 

You can even use this camera to live stream if desired! Check out my Facebook Page (ms2weathergirl) where you'll see camera posts from the Ricoh Theta S 360º Camera...

Melissa's Favourite Tools to Turn your Cell Phone into a Video Camera

Happy February! 

I've had an OUTSTANDING # of conversations with many CAPS members, and new clients that have started to make videos for themselves and their businesses. 
As promised - you don't have to start off big - it can be as simple as using your cell phone to get started. 
That's why I want to provide you with a list of my FAVOURITE TOOLS to turn your cell phone into a video camera. 
In this episode of "What's In The Box?", I reveal some of these tools... if you would like the PDF of all of my favourites - send me an email to and I will email you the PDF.
I know this is your going to be your best year yet - and honestly when you throw video content into the mix - I GUARANTEE IT!

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