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How Do You Want To Be Remembered? - NO SCHEDULE MAN PODCAST, EP. 53

Written by: Kevin Bulmer

Question today is … How do you want to be Remembered?

And if I asked you to tell your story in front of a camera, what would you say?

That has been a part of Melissa Schenk’s story ever since she was a little girl. Not only has she become an expert at telling her own story in a variety of ways, she’s made it a key part of her life’s work to help people and professionals step just outside of their comfort zone and in front of the camera in order to reach new levels of awareness and success … and to create a legacy that lasts.

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Melissa Schenk is the creator of MS2 Productions, a high impact video marketing agency. Melissa also works as a speaker, author, producer and business consultant, among other things. She has a vast background in media that includes both radio and a long run as television weather anchor.

Melissa certainly knows the landscape of media and broadcasting first-hand. Her creative passions and entrepreneurial instincts have continued to drive her forward into creating new and exciting ways to communicate and to help empower others to do the same.

What you are about to hear is a really fun story of an energetic, kind and creative soul who has made an art out of trusting her intuition to explore the next idea and to be constantly focused on the possibility of what could go right as opposed to worrying about what might go wrong.

Some of the key things I took from my time with Melissa include:

1. Doing what can’t be done – Melissa tells a great story about a camp that she created for kids in her days and radio. She had a vision and an idea that she believed in but did not have an existing model that she could point to in order to get other people to understand what she was getting at. So she created it and she gives some examples in our conversation of what happened as a result.

Never forget, especially in this monkey see monkey do copycat society, that the innovators, the creators and those who are willing to step out on a limb and trust their vision really stand the most to gain.

2. You become like the people you spend the most time with – This came up in the context of her recognizing one of her mentors in TV broadcasting, a longtime weather anchor in this city named Jay Campbell. The principle behind this idea however is much larger. You do tend to create a collective Consciousness with the people you associate with the most. They affect you and you affect them whether you want to believe you do or not. If you want to start getting different results in your life or reach a more successful, healthier, or creative plain, you may need to take a really hard look at the people that are around you the most, what their attitudes are and what conversation, gossip, and energy levels you are exposing yourself to the most

3. Remember, it’s what I can do for you and not the other way around – This comes up near the end when she tells the story about how she landed inside the top 10 of a competition of more than 35,000 entries for tourism Queensland’s “Best job in the world” competition. 95% of people took the tactic to say why they would be the best and why this organization should give them the job. Melissa took a different approach and it is a fine example of one of the obvious things that any marketer can do to differentiate themselves, understand that it’s not about them. It’s about the customer. This sounds like a very simple philosophy, but it’s one that just about all of us, myself included, get wrong on a consistent basis. When we are talking about features and benefits and all of the things that make us great, we are not necessarily offering what that can do for the people that were trying to help. It’s really not about us. It’s about them, and Melissa’s story drives that point home nicely.

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Melissa's Favourite Tools to Turn your Cell Phone into a Video Camera

Happy February! 

I've had an OUTSTANDING # of conversations with many CAPS members, and new clients that have started to make videos for themselves and their businesses. 
As promised - you don't have to start off big - it can be as simple as using your cell phone to get started. 
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